Wednesday, September 15, 2010

woof wednesday!

Success Story!

My friend Brittany Fancher Faison aka Fanch and her husband Andin took a "little" or rather "not-so-little" trip over their labor day weekend up the east coast to help 35 puppies in need of a better life!!!

It was an act of Love and Selflessness.

Below is my interview with Brittany and a few pictures from her Inspiring Adventure:

1. Are you a pet owner? type? name? characteristics?
YES! I have two rescued labs, one is yellow (Layla) and one is Fox Red (Sawyer) and a Chesepeake Bay Retriever (Lucy). The girls are wild and run around the house all day, Sawyer is 5 now and he is our gentle giant. He is just very tender hearted and if you'd let him, he'd sit in your lap for hours! ALL 105 lbs. of him!

2. Where do you live?
 Birmingham, AL

3. What do you do?
I am a marketing Manager for a Real Estate Business Coach. I absolutely love what I do, it sounds very specialized but essentially I get to support people and help them with their business while they go out and do what they do best and leave the creative stuff to me! Mostly branding, new listings, mailers and events!

4. What are you doing for you labor day weekend?
I am driving 24 hours one way straight to New Hampshire to take 35 lucky pups to find their forever homes! Not only are we saving lives but we are giving some families the gift of a family pet! I feel so honored!

5. What inspired you to take this trip?
My heart just aches for animals. They don't have a voice and are dependent upon their "owners" and care takers to meet their needs. Its such a catch 22 because I love helping my friends and families find pets, but it also kills me to go to the shelters and see the dogs that will never leave. The people that work there truly are special! I have grown up with animals but many people who have not mean well and just think it would be fun to have a pet to take to the park or a campanion and then they get in over their head with the pet's needs and often the vet bills. My inspiration came from all the emails and news stories that I couldn't shake or forget about of animals needing homes because of one reason or another or innocent animals just being abused or killed for someones pleasure. In this economy many people and families cannot financially support an animal so they have had to make the decision to either find it a home, take it to the pound or abandon it. Unfortunately many rescues and shelters that were once "No-Kill" have set 5-7 day or even less adoption time periods for the vast number of animals that they are receiving everyday. That means that a house-broken, trained precious 6 month old puppy, like my Layla only has a few days on the floor until she has to be put down due to over crowding. She was on her last day actually when we adopted her and that little girl has been such a blessing to our lives! So what we are doing is a very very small thing in the grand scheme, saving 35 dogs, but just think of all those families that will share their adoption story with friends and family and hopefully those people will tell a friend about some rescue in New England that has partnered with some rescue in the South to give "death row" pups a second chance. 
Hopefully, our small contribution will bring a voice to many animals and will inspire people to help in some small way. 
My prayer as we have prepared for this trip is that all these small acts of animal kindness will bring about changes in neuter laws, animal cruelty and animal rights so that it will be a thing of the past! That's a big statement, I realize, but Rome wasn't built in a day, and when you help the ones that can't help themselves, you surely have done a great thing.  It's going to be a long yet rewarding journey!

9:30 am all 35 pups are loaded and ready to go!
Brittany and Andin going the distance to save lives!
these lives...

 24 hours later = Happy Faces!

I followed up with Fanch after the long weekend and this is what she had to say looking back on her trip: 
"Hardest thing I have EVER Done BUT the MOST rewarding experience!!!"

To find out more about fanch's trip and the pups adventure check out her facebook album: dog drive
Fanch is also a friend to the blog world! The Faisons

make a difference! be apart of woof wednesday!
no paw left behind!

special thanks to Brittany and her husband Andin!
You guys rock!

Until next Wednesday!

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  1. Geo W would love that trailer of "no paw left behind"!!!! I appreciate how this next generation (you) are so radical in the way you put feet to your passions-reminds me of a book by the same name Radical-Taking back our faith from the "American Dream-" a phrase coined back in 1931 by James Adams (Yale grad who became a rising partner in a NYSE firm in the 1900s and left to become a writer) get a copy :)