Wednesday, September 15, 2010

yup, thats me

1. Drained of one's physical or mental resources; very tired.
2. (of resources or reserves) Completely used up.

so please just bear with me if i have not spoken to you in a while or returned your phone call or sent you a friendly text that i'm still alive and kick'n.
because i am.
but i have just been going and going and going and NO, i do not feel like the energizer bunny. :/
business trip was fun but exhausting. 
11 working days straight, yup just a little tired! not to mention i've been battling a cold. 
[to top it all off, of course]
hopefully i will use every second of my weekend to JUST relax!

Thank you Lord for creating a day of rest, now if I could just take advantage of that!

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