Friday, September 17, 2010

Where do all the sails go?

I'm obsessed with these bags for many reasons! They are recycled sails! each bag has sailed around the world! each bag is unique and original to its new owner! no bag alike! they are trendy and environmentally friendly! they also help out a good cause! or 2!  cure bags
and how cool to think of all the places your bag has been!

I fell in love with these at the Surf Expo this past weekend in Orlando, and I am bummed to say that I did not snatch one up! (sad face) I was too busy working away! 

Sea Bags is always looking for used sails! And they will even trade bags for sails and pay for shipping or arrange pick up!
If you don't want a bag for your sail... They have a scholarship program that you can make a donation towards! It is an inspiring program that raises money to help children learn to sail! (hey, its not a cheap hobby)

Well what are you waiting for?! check out your next purchase here! Christmas is just around the corner ;)


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