Friday, October 8, 2010

Nautical-Hipster! reDesign


This nautical-hipster board was inspired by my sister.
my NEW sister!
Lauren. also known as Lo.
She is palm beach chic and everything sweet. She loves turquoise, traveling, and spending quality time with her family!
(which is ME!) 
I wanted to give her a room that pushed the envelope 
{just a little bit}
And at the same time included elements of refinement!
Lo gave me full reign on her new bedroom.
easy enough though.
we know each other pretty stinking well!
I love it!
I believe its edgy yet neutral
OH & by the way I'm completely obsessed with this one!
and so was Lo!
(she's already started making a few purchases)

*TIP: Add an element of surprise to every room!

*IF you are interested in story boards for your home or office or just whatever! let me know!
for a small fee i would LOVE to create a design that is just right for you!
for more information email me at
{email me! lets chat!}

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  1. I love the pirate girl pillow...i think its a must!