Thursday, October 7, 2010

Be Inspired! reDesign



This jewel-toned Moroccan story board is for my dear friend Laura!
She hales from Knoxville, Tennessee 
{go vols}
and currently resides in the thriving city of Birmingham, Alabama.

Laura is a loyal friend, full of passion, lover of Tennessee football, excellent writer, PR extraordinaire, & always ready and willing to hop on a plane to Cancun!

I was easily inspired by all that Laura is and does, so, I brought that to life in this story.
She loves the color purple so it was no question that this fabulous and oh so comfortable bedding from Anthropologie had to be hers!
and from there I created her story...

{her sweet escape!}

TIP:a sunburst mirror is always a timeless addition to any room.

*IF you are interested in story boards for your home or office or just whatever! let me know!
for a small fee i would LOVE to create a design that is just right for you!
for more information email me at
{email me! lets chat!}

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  1. I love it! Can't wait to incorporate some pieces/color into my room!! :)