Thursday, October 14, 2010

because you know you LOVE it

It's Tradition!
 it's almost Halloween!

In honor of all the bridesmaids, brides, and grooms this wedding season!

It was only appropriate to get the dogs involved!

Look how beary beautiful they are!

(From Left to Right:)
 Fred, our charismatic yorkie-pom-chi is the Beary Beautiful Bridesmaid sporting remnants from the dress I wore when Weston proposed to me! made just for me by the ever so talented Carmen! Next we have Scout, cairn terrier, mother of 4, and loyal friend is our Lovely Bride...YES, veil and all! Last but certainly NOT least we have Trooper! Our spiffy groom, cairn terrier, daughter of Scout, loyal to only one master...her daddy!

Please VOTE for these pups here!
they do this every year! get dressed up just for YOU, their fans!
and heck they would like to see a little reward for their hard work!
and more treats of course!

Special Thanks To-
Designs by Carmen Marin!
and her assistant Karol Airdo

{Happy Almost Halloween!}

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