Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just Keep Reading

so some friends and i {near and far} started a book club called: just keep reading! 

our first book is Water For Elephants.
I finished last night.
i loved every second of it!
it is a true and honest tale of the circus during the depression era!
Author, Sara Gruen not only focus' on the hardships humans endure, she also reveals the feelings of the animals that endured the same pain and hunger. 
She does this honestly and beautifully. no blinders. just pure emotion.

anyways I'm not going to be a spoiler and talk about the book. 
all i am going to say is: just keep reading!


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Save Endangered Elephants Donate to WWFCharity of Robert Pattinson

go on read it for yourself!
*and if you want to join OUR book club let me know! 
just email me: blakeairdo@gmail.com

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