Monday, January 17, 2011

take the plunge

for some of you bathing suit season... is seasonal. 
unfortunately and fortunately its ALL year round for moi!
so here's a little motivation & inspiration!
from me to you!
Just a handful of my favorites!
I die for this  bathing suit!
and it can be mine for a measly $253.00
but i love!
Ikat Plunge Halter

Anthropologies Patara Bikini
another ouch!

You can always count on
Good ole VS


Golden tones
I want red!
believe it or not in my drawer FULL of bikinis
i have no red.

Seafolly Stripes

Salinas Daquiri Stripes

so Juicy

lets not forget... J.Crew: Betty in Bright Dahlia
I love it for it's name and color!

the hipster
gotta love it!

I mean lets be honest! 
I dont need another bathing suit!
But its my motivation!
and when (not if) I reach my goal
I WILL be purchasing one of these as my Trophy!

{so which is your fav?!}


  1. Love #2! Maybe if I whip myself into good enough shape by June that sucker could be mine and actually look ok.

  2. ya! i LOVE that on!!!!! anthro knows their stuff!