Friday, January 28, 2011

Maggie May

SO my favorite by far!

He chose to sing Rod Stewart's Maggie May!
his voice is genius
so classic! 
America needs to understand that we neeeeeed good music these days!
not katy perry, not justin beiber, not tswift, not etc!
{i mean as i type this miley cyrus is playing in the background! ugh! vomit!}

good ole classic musicians!
we need more bob dylans, heck...jacob dylans, john lennons and paul mccartneys!

more voices and swagger like this gent has!

So cheers to  you, Paul! 
 I hope hope hope you win!
{but to be honest no one i ever like wins, america just doesn't get it}

and in case you missed the 10 seconds AI gave us... here it is for your viewing pleasure. 
again and again!


  1. I've met this dude! He was roommates with one of my friends in Auburn!