Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the heartbeat of every band is the Drumline

Drummers run in the family so it was only fitting that I marry one!
I surprised Weston last night with
Drumline LIVE
It was amazing!
Weston loved it as well!
The energy in the theatre was contagious!
Everything from the king of pop, to ray charles, tina turner, james brown, the black eyed peas and yes even little justin beiber was performed!
although one of my favs: cold hearted snake by miss paula abdul
{shout out: caroline}
needless to say the performances and talent we saw were over the top 
Oh and interactive! gotta love that!


 Big thanks to my brother-in-law for my outfits accessory!
from a 1930's typewriter!
How amazing!
and how amazing and thoughtful is he!
Love it!
Thanks Bo!

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