Wednesday, December 15, 2010

blowing in the wind

before                                                              after  

I painted this for my dear friend and family member Kylee!
She requested a giant pink flower!
Seeing that she is married to one of the manliest mans I know I decided to give her giant pink flower 
with some dimension 
adding accents of green and deep blue hues.

I had so much fun painting this for her!
Although it took some time... seeing that I am my own worst critic. 
Overall it was enjoyable and guess what...
I never picked up a brush!

Kylee received her painting in the mail just the other day and needless to say she is thrilled!

stay tuned for the masterpiece i have been working on for my sister!!!!

*if you or anyone you know is interested in a
 painting please let me know. 
email me at
{lets chat!}

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