Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WOOF Wednesday!

meet Olive!
She is a french bulldog!
{my favorite}
And although she is known for her oversized ears that go along with that adorable frenchie face, 
Olive is deaf.
but she doesn't know it isn't normal!
she doesn't know any different!
she still has tons of love and snuggles to give away!
She likes to play with other puppies her size, but when it comes time to snuggle with her owner,
dogs beware. she is very protective!
so sit back and give the girl some space!
will ya!
hey, we all need it!

Olive is located at Joyful Rescues in Cuba, New York.
If you are interested, please, don't hesitate! 
send them a quick email about your inquiry

Oh and IF you are serious about adoption
read this article first!
consider it a little preparation!

 get on board with the Pepsi Refresh Project!
this one's a great idea! and needs our votes!
so check it out and vote now!

save lives.
because you  never know who is saving who!
you may be walking into a shelter to save a pet when in reality that pet is saving you!
think about it!

"no paw left behind"
It's our mission!
Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment.
wanna join Woof Wednesdays! 
Email, Lauren at
we would love to bring you on board.
oh and join our group on facebook!

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