Friday, September 3, 2010

i'm loving it

I came across this on design sponge today. and i just think its fantastic!
I am loving the accent wood wall!
I also love the simple chic nightstands with the cascading light fixtures above!
this look is becoming more popular! 

i dig it for two reasons!
1. it frees up space on your nightstand 
2. it's cord free! so simple! 

The look is just all around great! clean and crisp! refreshing and airy!

....and after saying all this!
i would only change one thing!
a headboard!
it needs a headboard!
[i'm not a fan of the no headboard look!]
a white tufted or nailhead headboard would do just fine!
or heck, throw in a pop of color!
or pick a nice texture like VELVET or LINEN!!!
oh yeeeeaaaahhhh!
i'm lovin it!

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