Tuesday, August 24, 2010

let's have a little competition... shall we?!

last friday my boss sprung a competition on myself and the two other designers here at storetech+co
redo island water sports! give them a make over! freshen things up!

IWS is owned by the cotrell family and was started in 1979. It is a local legacy! currently run by professional surfer, cheyne cotrell and his sister carly! with a little help from their friends!

the winner gets $200.00 to spend as they please on themselves 
{"no sharing with the husbands"- he added}

OK... sooooo let me just whip up a plan in the next few days... no big deal...right!

so this is how it went. 
i designed my little heart out. rendered, drafted, the whole nine yards!
while weston chopped and strutted his stuff in the kitchen!
{love my husband}
so last night at midnight i finally put the pencil down and called it a night.

6:00 am RISE AND SHINE (to say the least)
go over in my head what i will say in my presentation
& voila
7:30 am Presenting begins
cheyne is bright eyed and busy tailed ;)
{I'm First}

Finished Story board

and the winner is...

well whataya know...


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