Wednesday, July 28, 2010

woof wednesday

 gosh... there are so many pups out there that need to be adopted and belong to loving homes, 
BUT today I have to focus on just one dog in particular. Lilly.
Lilly belonged to a very loving home! Her daddy was the Mayor and her kid sister Violet loved to bug her and be the center of everyones attention! Lilly didn't mind though. As long as she got her treat, she was happy as a clam!
Lilly roamed over to 2342 quite often to say hello and get her morning treat!
We will miss her big brown eyes and pensive attitude!
Lilly went to doggy heaven over the weekend.
from left to right: Lilly with her bestest friends.
 (trooper, scout, violet, and Lilly)

be apart of woof wednesdays! 

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  1. Oh my gosh im crying!!! Lilly! I cant believe she is gone :( Violet and scouty and troopie have got to be lost without their precious friend! Such sad news :( RIP Lilly