Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dear Bride To Be

Come to Me, Dear Bride to be, And kneel before My Throne,

And I will share My Heart with you, And make your house a home,

Listen well, lean closely, there are secrets at My Feet--

The marriage you will soon begin, The Bridegroom will complete.

The man with whom you’ll journey is your wedding gift from me,

To teach you things beyond this world… A precious mystery,

Bearing all these things in mind, you’ll never lack for wealth,

For through your union I will choose to teach you of Myself.

Let him hold you tightly, and keep you safe from harm,

Until I’ll one day hold you in My everlasting arms,

Let him wipe your tears away, and trust him with your pain,

Until I wipe them all away and Heaven is your gain.

Pray to love his tender touch and want his gentle kiss,

I grant you both my blessing and ask you not to miss,

The reason why I’ve chosen for two halves to become one--

That you might see the Bride of Christ, sweet daughter and dear son.

So make this home a refuge, He’s to love you as I do,

Until your mansion is complete… A place prepared for you,

And if I should choose to leave you here when I have called him home,

Trust I’ll be your husband near, you’ll never be alone.

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